Introducing the Mr. Twister Sprinkler Removal System

Watch the video to learn more about how the Mr. Twister Sprinkler Removal System works.

We our proud to announce that Underhill -- a leader in quality tools and products in the landscape industry -- is now our exclusive distribution source!

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Easy Steps to Replace Your Sprinklers

No Digging Required to Replace Sprinkler

Stop Digging to Replace Sprinklers

The Mr. Twister Sprinkler┬áRemoval System is the fastest and best way to do the job. Prevents dirt from entering the pipes and twists sprinklers in and out of the ground in minutes! Contractors tired of endless trips back and forth to the store to get the exact match. This may save you from digging but not in wasted time. The Twister allows you the freedom to to carry your favorite brand of products, reducing inventory. Carry Toro’s 570 series and it’s narrow profile can slip back inside the hole from wider sprinklers like RainBird 1800 or Hunter pro series. That’s a tip worth telling your friends about! Saving time is saving money!

Perfect Tool for Drip Conversion


See how use Mr. Twister for converting sprinklers to drip.